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Similarities Between the Globe Theatre and Modern Theatres

From the information and picture of the Globe theatre, we see there are some similarities and differences between the Globe Theatre and the theatres today. The 3 galleries the Globe theatre had back then is still similar to some big theatres today. Gallery seats in theatres today are also generally more expensive than those on the ground floor, so that is similar to Shakespeare’s time as well. The size and seating available is also somewhat similar to the theatres we have today! However, the theatres of the present are so much more comfortable as they are mostly well-sheltered and have seats for everyone. The circular structure is also very similar to the theatres of today as well. It probably made viewing the performance clearer for everyone regardless of which angle they were seated! Check out the picture of the modern recreation of the Globe Theatre and our very own Esplanade Theatre below! Definitely some similarities seen isn’t it?

Interior of the modern Globe Theatre, London

Interior of the Esplanade Theatre, Singapore


  1. The gallery seats in the Esplanade may be expensive but the front row seats are the best seats in the house. Why do you think there is a difference in the price for seats in the The Globe of the old and in the Esplanade?

  2. There is a price difference mainly because for the modern theatre the lighting and audio system is very advance and thus allowing people to be able to get up close to the stage without the pollution that is present in Shakespeare's times. This allows the modern theatre-goer to be able to get "up close and personal" with the actors.

    Kian tiong

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  4. As someone said before, the price would have been more expensive nowadays but I think this article is very good. There should have been more information, but I used ONE bit in this to help me. Thank you.

    TIP:Try to add more information in your next articles.